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Dr. Nicole Linklater

Introduction to animal testing and the 3Rs

Animal testing is still one of the most discussed topics in biomedical research.
When talking about animal testing, following the 3Rs (reduce - replace - refine) is the most common concept to reduce and avoid distress for laboratory animals. Since most people are faced with animal experiments during their scientific career, it is essential to know how distress arises and how it can be handled.

Curriculum vitae

Date of Birth: 09.04.1971

Nationality:    German


2011:                     Dr. rer. nat. (Biology) Philipps-University Marburg

2005:                     Degree in Biology (Animal Physiology) in Philipps-University Marburg

1992 – 1996:         Previous Training as a Biology Laboratory Technician


Most recent appointment

2018:                     3R SMART – Development of an online teaching platform in 3Rs (joint research project)

2007 – present:     Development of the online laboratory animal science platform “LAS interactive” (previously vtk online). Establishment of online

                              courses (las campus)

2002 – present:     Teaching LAS courses at the University of Marburg


Other information

2016 – present:     Member of FELASA Teaching and Training Board

2013 – present:     Secretary of GV-SOLAS

2012 – present:     Chairperson of GV-SOLAS Education and Training Board

2011 – 2012:         Member of GV-SOLAS Education and Training Board

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